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Vanilla-Island Company Is One Of The Leading Vanilla Suppliers.

VANILLA ISLAND COMPANY is a company specialized in the sale of vanilla beans from Madagascar, for professionals, vanilla beans wholesalers, and agrofood industry, vanilla beans retailler all over the world. Our company is specialized for 10 years in the preparation of vanilla, (vanilla beans, vanilla powder, vanilla extract) of high quality for international customers.
Our company is proud of its products (vanilla beans, vanilla powder, vanilla extract), which are the result of a very complex technical process, from pollination of the flower to packaging. All our products are grown naturally, without intermediaries.



We develop our skills in the benefit of vanilla

Our vanilla passion has driven us to go the extra mile in the whole supply chain and storage process hence all our stock are carefully selected, label, stored according to ISO standards to preserve the flavors and fragrance at it's optimum level. 

Extract vanilla

Extract vanilla beans

The preferred vanilla of the European food industry

Extract vanilla beans is a vanilla used by the food industry, in order to obtain the natural flavors, by extraction of vanilla beans.

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Gourmet vanilla beans

An exceptional vanilla 

Gourmet vanilla is the most expensive, and is the one used by Chefs. Fleshy and supple, it is easy to split. The vanilla bean is completely black, chocolatey, without any defect.

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TK vanilla beans

High quality vanilla

The Tk vanilla is dark, chocolate color. It is appreciated by packers who offer this product by the pod. It is a drier vanilla than the gourmet vanilla and less fleshy.


We Deliver Exceptional Products 
Around the World

allow us to carefully select and collect from the best producers harvest, the very finest quality of vanilla beans while been extremely caution with every step of maturing and transforming we guarantee our beans are 100 % free from any type of pesticides and other foreign matters. 

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Extract vanilla beans

The preferred vanilla of the American food industry

vanilla beans for extraction is a vanilla used by the specialists of the food industry who are going to extract the aromas and transform it into extract.

Exhausted vanilla seeds

Exhausted vanilla seed

The visual marker

Exhausted vanilla beans seeds are small seeds contained in the vanilla bean, the seeds fall naturally from the dry vanilla bean.

grind vanilla beans

Vanilla powder

Simple and easy to use vanilla powder

The vanilla powder is a dry vanilla finely crushed and sifted, we propose for the first quality the vanilla powder resulting from the mixing of the vanilla of extraction 

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As a vanilla wholesaler, we provide vanilla beans for professionals we master the whole process, from vanilla collection to wholesale without intermediaries.

Our company was created in 2013 :

From June to September during the vanilla processing season, VANILLA-ISLAND-COMPANY employs 20  in Mananara area. The drying process as well as the treatment of the vanilla pods lasts two to four months. Right after harvesting, the beans are cooked for three minutes at 63-75°C to preserve their aroma over time. Then, the vanilla beans are dried for one to two months in the sun, then stored on drying racks to stabilize their drying rate before being graded, sorted, and packaged for export.

The cooperative located in the Analangirofo region

The cooperative plantation produce about 10,000 kg of green beans which become about 2 000 kg of black vanilla beans. The demand is satisfied by: our collectors who group together many farmers, mainly in the Sava region and who allow us to export 5 dry tons per year.

Madagascar vanilla beans


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Our commitment is the promise we make to you to rigorously select superior quality vanilla beans for each of your orders. Vanilla wholesalers, wholesale vanilla beans sellers, vanilla traders, you can count on our knowledge and our quality of vanilla beans because we are passionate about making your wholesale vanilla purchases a success.


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VANILLA-ISLAND-COMPANY delivered high quality vanilla beans, controlled by our specialists.

Our mission is to sell vanilla beans in bulk without intermediaries at a very competitive price.

Our company is a partner of choice for your wholesale vanilla purchases. Our range of vanilla beans is suitable for professional vanilla bean traders, vanilla bean dealers, vanilla merchants, worldwide.

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